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The heart of my music is solo work: original cello pieces, often improvised, looped and layered. I've been recording and releasing an original composition per month for my backers since the beginning of 2014. I call it my Noodle of the Month club, and it was originally part of the Kickstarter campaign for my first solo album.

You can join the Noodle of the Month club now, because I'm re-opening it here on Bandcamp and in parallel over on

Bandcamp is simpler and slightly more convenient, while Patreon offers more flexibility -- especially because I can offer reward tiers there as low as $1 per month. Please choose the system that suits you best, and join the club today.

Either way, your subscriptions support me as an artist, helping me create music that brings out the best in us all. The more supporters I have, the more I can accomplish.

I appreciate all of you for listening, and your support means the world to me.

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Betsy Tinney
Seattle, Washington
Betsy Tinney, recipient of the Pegasus Award for Best Performer, is a Northwest cellist known both for her graceful musicality and her broad versatility. She has performed and recorded with many different groups, from solo acoustic performers to large rock bands; she also performs solo, using a combination of acoustic cello and electronic looper that creates an interwoven tapestry of sound.

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